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A Lesson from a Child

As normality starts to return now the festive season is ending I have to confront the issues I’ve been putting off. That dreaded pile of clothes waiting to be washed. Our washing machine has been playing up making it even more of a challenge and with three children it quickly becomes a huge overwhelming mountain. It really is a depressing sight. Unbeknown to him, my seven year old son taught me a lesson yesterday which I will share in the poem that popped into my head whilst loading the machine later in the day.

A Lesson from a Child

I have a laundry mountain,
It’s an overwhelming sight.
A battle that I’ve been losing,
I just want to give up on this fight.
The washing machine is hidden,
Behind the piles of colour and white.
But I’m saved by my seven year old son,
Who is keen to fly his new kite.
I clamber over the mountain,
Throwing clothes into the machine.
Although I’m feeling quite defeated
That this mountain will never be clean.
I join my son in the field outside,
Help him put together his kite.
He’s so happy and excited,
But with no wind it won’t gain height.
But he won’t be defeated,
He eagerly takes hold of the string,
He runs and he runs as fast as he can,
But the kite just won’t do it’s thing.
Undeterred he turns the corner,
The kite gently lifts from the ground,
It’s only for the briefest of moments,
But for his persistence, a reward has been found.
I return to my pile of washing,
Now determined that I won’t fail,
I will not allow a pile of clothes,
To make me feel like I’m locked in a jail.
Finally the mountain is shrinking,
It has now become just a hill,
But it just goes to show that you can win,
With determination and will.

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