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Small Stones Prompt – Attachment Unavailable

Oh dear, it really has been a long time since I last posted. So much has happened since that time, which I won’t go into detail about here. I’m back and writing again though, which is great.

I am a member of a small writing group who write small stones, a form of mindful writing. Once a week there is a weekly prompt, a recent one being the words ‘Attachment Unavailable’ and  this was my response. It’s a bit longer than the usual small stone response but when the words flow best to just let them happen.

Attachment Unavailable

The cracking of a fence panel,
As I hung washing on the line.
A furry little face peeped through,
And she gave a little whine.

This had never happened before,
During the years she’d lived next door.
But there was a new smell in our garden
That she simply must explore.

I sent her back to her garden,
And blocked off her peeping hole.
Our rescue pup hadn’t noticed,
He was sleeping off his stroll.

Satisfied that all was well,
I ventured back inside.
Settling in the living room,
With the back door open wide.

However, she was determined,
More so than I had feared.
For just a few minutes later,
In our living room she appeared.

Our pup still slept in the corner
She was only a metre away.
I returned her back to her garden,
There was no way she could stay.

With tyres and some plywood
I blocked off another hole.
If she continued with this venture,
I was soon sure to lose control.

I went back into the house,
Closing the back door.
Our pup, he was still sleeping,
Upon the living room floor.

A few minutes had passed by,
Before my son gave a shout.
‘She’s back again in the garden,
Don’t let our puppy out!’

Of course these cries had startled him,
He leapt up with surprise.
What is all this excitement,
I need to see with my own eyes.

He bounded out the living room,
His movements filled with glee.
I called his name to stop him,
But he was clearly ignoring me.

His eyes soon met with hers,
She was sat behind the glass.
He whimpered in frustration
Because he couldn’t sniff her arse.

Attachment unavailable
He sat beside the door.
She lay down right beside him.
Both dogs clearly wanting more.


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