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Writing 101: It’s All Lies

It’s All Lies

The school bell rang to mark the end of afternoon registration. Nina bounced down the stairs and out into the school playground. It was Thursday so it was a double lesson of PE theory. As she walked across the school grounds she chatted happily with Helen from her form.

“You seem much happier than you did this morning, did you see Rachel and sort things out?”

“Yeah I managed to have good chat with her at lunch time, cleared the air as well. I hate falling out with my best mate.” Nina had missed her best friend, they used to be inseparable but recently their friendship had been strained. The conversation during lunch break had been really good and cleared the air between them. Finally Rachel knew how Nina felt, she had just one wish though, that Rachel’s form tutor would keep her nose out of their friendship.

“That’s brill. Better get to our lessons before the bell goes.”

“Yeah, and I’ve got Mrs Martin as well so really can’t afford to be late. She’s a real bitch.” Nina rushed up to the building and pulled the door open, she noticed a couple of the kids from her class chatting at the bottom of the stairs, she nodded her head to say hi but they didn’t acknowledge her at all. Nina rushed up the stairs, as she turned to climb the second flight she noticed that the upstairs light wasn’t working and the grey stairs seemed so much darker with such a small amount of light creeping in through the windows.

Nina pulled the door open from the stairwell and entered the corridor where she could hear the rest of her class chattering whilst waiting to enter the classroom. As she entered the chattering stopped immediately when they noticed her. Nina glanced along the line looking for Rachel, just as she spotted her one of the boys spoke.

“Mr Kyle is looking for you, he seemed really angry.”

Before Nina could respond Mrs Martin appeared in the doorway to the classroom.

“Mr Kyle is in the Maths room at the end of the corridor, he wants to see you immediately!” Her cold voice cut through the silence and seemed to bounce off the walls of the corridor.

Mr Kyle was the head of Nina’s year. She turned to walk towards the Maths room. Her heart was pounding as a million questions filled her head. What had she done wrong? She hadn’t been in trouble recently, why the classroom and not Mr Kyle’s office? Had something happened to someone in her family?

Nina didn’t really know what to expect when she entered the classroom but all the chairs were stacked onto the tables and towered above her. It made a feel a little claustrophobic and on edge. Mr Kyle was standing right in front of the window blocking much of the only light entering that part of the classroom.

“Where were you this lunch time?” Mr Kyle seemed to be fighting to keep calm.

“In school sir.” As soon as Nina spoke she realised that now probably wasn’t the time for any amount of sarcasm, no matter how small.

“Whereabouts in school? I don’t have time for your games!” Mr Kyle glared at Nina.

“I was in a classroom in B block talking to Rachel. Miss Button said we go in there.” Nina couldn’t see where this was leading, but her earlier questions had been answered. She was in some kind of trouble.

“Do you realise that this lunch time you almost lost Miss Button her job? Spreading nasty rumours about teachers around the school is unacceptable!!”

Nina was completely confused. “What rumours sir, I don’t understand?”

“Claiming that Miss Button had grabbed you in an attempt to drag you into the classroom. I don’t understand why you would make up such lies and feel the need to spread them around the school. Miss Button is a very good teacher. It didn’t happen did it?”

Nina was unsure how to answer as she ran through the events of what had happened during the lunch break. Before she had seen Rachel Miss Button had walked up to where she was sitting and asked to go into the classroom with her to chat. Nina had refused. Miss Button had then grabbed her by the arm but Nina pulled away, accidentally knocking against the metal heater vent behind her. The loud BANG had echoed through the corridor. Nina didn’t want to cause a big scene so she decided to get up and walk into the classroom and that is where she had stayed for the rest of the lunch break. She knew Mr Kyle’s question was rhetorical but she answered anyway.

“She did try to grab me Sir, but I di….”

“I’m not interested in your lies. Do you have any idea what you have put her through this lunchtime. All the questions she has had to answer, the upset YOU have caused her!”

“But Sir, there were other people in the corridor. I…” Nina could see that Mr Kyle didn’t believe her. Her face started to burn hot with anger and frustration.

“Do not try to blame other people for your errors. Your accusations are extremely serious. This is not some kind of game this is someone’s life. If it was up to me I would have you kicked out of this school immediately for this kind of behaviour!!” There was no calmness to his voice, his voice was nothing but anger and it boomed out of the open classroom door.

Nina felt small and helpless. She glanced at the chairs nearest to her and thought about grabbing one and throwing it across the room. She hadn’t spread any rumours. She wanted to be heard, to be allowed to tell the truth. She didn’t understand what was happening. She fought back the tears but small sob escaped. She clenched her fists by her sides trying to fight the anger that was welling up inside and lost control of the tears as they streamed down her face.

“You can stop the acting. I’m not interested in your tears or your lies, you have already caused enough damage!!” His voice remained loud it was deafening. “You seem unable to understand the seriousness of this whole situation and the investigations that will happen if your lies were to be taken any further. You can’t even speak the truth and admit that you were wrong. This behaviour is unacceptable and will not be tolerated in this school. You are an absolute disgrace and should be grateful that I do not take action to have you removed from school. You will go to your class and if I hear any mention of this again then I will take further action. Get to class!”

Nina turned and walked out of the classroom.  Mr Kyle followed her out. As she walked down the corridor she paused briefly at the doors leading to the stairs, she didn’t know how she was going to walk into her classroom looking like she did and she considered walking out of school.

“If you walk out of those doors I will make sure that you never set foot in this school again, not even to take your exams!!” Mr Kyle shouted from behind her.

Nina couldn’t miss her exams, they were too important. She had no idea how she managed it but she walked into the lesson still sobbing. As she sat at her desk a couple of her classmates spoke saying they had heard the whole thing and asked if she was Okay. Before she could respond the cold voice of Mrs Martin travelled across the room.

“Do not speak to her, she is to sit on her own.  She deserved everything she got!!”

The class sat in silence, shocked by the events that had just occurred. The only sound to break the silence were Nina’s muffled sobs.

Prompt: Write a post inspired by a real-world conversation.

Twist: include an element of foreshadowing in the beginning of your post.


2 thoughts on “Writing 101: It’s All Lies

  1. I’m not sure I get so much anger as helplessness. I certainly get her frustration, though. “the upstairs light wasn’t working and the grey stairs seemed so much darker with such a small amount of light creeping in through the windows” – this line is great, it foreshadows that things are about to take a turn for the worse quite effectively.

    There are a few sentences where you might want to look at the punctuation (I’d stay away from double exclamation marks, and a couple of cases where a full stop instead of a comma might have been better). Nicely done, though 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Sonya. Glad the foreshadowing worked and that her frustration shows, that was the aim. I did wonder about double exclamation marks I think at one stage I had deleted then and then put them back.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment and give feedback. Will re-read again this evening and see about the punctuation, I won’t change this one but always worth thinking about the how it will impact on future writing. Thank you.

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