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Writing 101: My Childhood Home

My Childhood Home

We moved when I was twelve. It seems so long ago, yet I still remember it clearly. We moved house, I changed schools, my life changed completely. I still hold the memories of the old house though. That is where I left my heart at the time, in our old house on the South Coast of England. Our old house in Poole, Dorset.

Our house stood tall and proud. Well that’s how I remember it through my eyes as a child. We lived between two elderly ladies, one friendly and one not so much. We used to think they were like the witches from The Wizard of Oz. We used to visit Mrs Andrews, the good witch, and make peppermint sweets with her or we’d just sit and chat. We enjoyed her company and I like to think that she enjoyed ours. No one really saw Mrs Cutter, the bad witch. If she did come out of her front door we would run back inside. We were all scared of her. Of course as an adult I now understand why she was the way she was, but as a child I was scared of her.

Our house had a blue gate. I will never forget the colour of the gate, it is on the nose of my childhood teddy bear, Doggy. The day my Dad was painting the gate my sister and I were throwing Doggy to each other, I threw him too far and he bounced off the gate gaining the permanent blue stain on his nose. To say my Dad was not impressed would be an understatement.

The wall around the front garden used to be our shop. We would make things such as paper puppets and then try to sell them to our neighbours for 10p each. Who wouldn’t want a paper puppet? There was always one of our neighbours who would buy one and that was enough for us, we were happy that someone liked them.

Sometimes we played out in the street with some of the other children. We would play ball games or ‘let’s pretend’ style games. When the snow came it would become a huge snowball fight. We would often ride our bikes. I remember desperately wanting a BMX bike so I could try some tricks on it. I wasn’t allowed one but I didn’t give up. I took my younger sisters little bike and attempted wheelie’s off the curb and along the road. The bike wasn’t designed for stunts and when I passed it back to my sister she sat on the seat and it snapped in half. I wasn’t very popular with my parents or my sister on that particular day.

Although the front garden gave us a place to skip, ride our bikes and spin round and round on a spinning see-saw the back garden allowed us many more adventures. We would build tents from sheets and garden canes and spend hours playing in them. We had a swing in our back garden, I would spend so much time sat on the seat making up songs. Of course I loved to twist myself around so the chains twisted round together and then lift my legs and spin round until they came undone. No one told me the chains could snap doing this. Unfortunately it was my sister that was sat on the swing when it snapped. I would also spend a lot of time sat up in our plum tree, I loved the fact I had a small tree I could climb. We each had our own little patch of garden so we could try to grow our own flowers or veg. Sadly it was in this patch of soil I discovered that I do not have green fingers. Although I did manage to grow one plant. It flowered and looked beautiful, or so I thought. I was so upset to learn it was a weed and had to be removed.

In my bedroom was where I used to write. I had a small bureau style desk and I would spend hours with my pencil and exercise books just writing stories about animals and making up short rhymes. I loved getting a new exercise book to fill up.

We often had friends round to play and we would spend time in my room playing Wham records and singing them loudly. We truly thought we had the best voices although I’m not sure my Mum would agree.

Of course it wasn’t all about those four walls. I was in the final year of the local middle school. School was good and I enjoyed the classes and fun spent with friends during break times. We saw our friends outside of school as well, we’d walk down to the park and spend time on the swings or go and play round our their houses. Occasionally I was allowed to go with a friend on the bus to the local swimming pool, it felt like a great adventure to finally be allowed to go on our own.

When I was twelve I remember standing in the hall of my middle school during the last PE lesson I would have at that school and all my friends singing ‘We’ll Meet Again’. A week later, we moved away and everything changed.

Prompt: Where did you live when you were 12 years old?

Twist: pay attention to your sentence lengths and use short, medium, and long sentences as you compose your response about the home you lived in when you were twelve.


12 thoughts on “Writing 101: My Childhood Home

    1. Thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. I never thought about writing about ‘Doggy’ when I started but the incident popped into my head as I was thinking back to the old house. I guess we never truly know where our pen will take us.

  1. While I was reading your wonderful story I realized that kids today don’t really go outside to play and use their imaginations. They are inside playing computer games and video games. Kind of sad to think about that.

    1. It is really sad.
      My children have restricted access to screens. There are no screens allowed Monday – Friday. That’s no TV or gaming devices at all. They spend their evenings outside or playing together with their toys and imagination is a huge part of their play. The weekends I let them have access, some days they play more than others but I try to do things with them and get out of the house. We have the occasional PJ day and they probably have more screen access on those days than any other.
      It wasn’t always like this in our house though, I never used to control it and it really does get too much. I actually packed the TV away in the loft for a couple of weeks when I first decided to restrict access… it’s amazing how quickly they adapt to it not being there. A lot less arguing as well.

      1. I think you are VERY wise! Your children will be further ahead than other children because of going outside to play and using their imaginations. I admire you for doing this for your children.

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