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Writing 101: An Afternoon Stroll

This challenge involved going to a café, park or public place and write a piece inspired by something you see.

The twist: To write and adverb-free post. I hope I have succeeded.

An Afternoon Stroll

I stopped and grabbed a bite to eat,

Before strolling through the busy street.

But the hustle and bustle of people about,

Was too much to bear, I had to get out!

I crossed over the bridge and there in the middle

A busker stood, playing a jig on the fiddle.

The uplifting music she had chosen to share,

Made musical notes just dance through the air.

I stopped on the bridge, to listen awhile,

It lifted my heart and so made me smile.

My stress washed away, as I looked down at the river,

Then I saw something that gave me a shiver.

Two ducks swam along, close to the bank

Where a black and white cat leaned down and drank.

The cat remained still, eyes fixed on the ducks,

My heart beating fast I was caught in a flux.

The ducks glided by, just a claws breadth away,

And the cat almost fell trying to reach for its prey.

The ducks didn’t flinch, they continued with swank,

And the cat regained balance and climbed back up the bank.


The river’s murky green water winds away from the town,

So I stepped off the bridge and followed it down.

A large bumble bee, buzzed around with a hum,

And stopped on some flowers, to collect pollen on his bum.

I watched for a while and soon noticed more bees,

Then I continued down the path towards the tall trees.


Surrounded by the sound of birds as they sang their joyous tune,

And the trickle of flowing water made a relaxing afternoon.

A child whizzed by on his scooter, sharing his happy laugh,

He pointed at the water, the ducks had followed along the path.

It’s then that I noticed a ripple, then two, then three, then four,

It wasn’t long until the water was covered with many more.

The rain started to fall harder, grey clouds passed overhead,

In need or a warmer shelter, I reluctantly turned and fled.



4 thoughts on “Writing 101: An Afternoon Stroll

  1. Your images and writing struck a cord with me,reminded me of the river not too far from home where the ducks spend all day amusing themselves and curious humans. Nicely written

    1. Thank you. I’m glad you liked it. Ducks can be quite fascinating at times I think and far more intelligent than we often think. They certainly fooled the cat on the river bank.

      I just had to amend my first line… can’t believe I missed the adverb ‘quickly’ in it even after proof reading. Just shows that it pays to walk away for a few hours and then revisit.

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