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Writing 101: Don’t you know anything!

“Mum, we have ghost conflection!” My five year old daughter rushed into the living room to make her announcement, she had been playing in her bedroom upstairs.


“We have ghost conflection!!”

“OK,” I pause briefly before responding. “What exactly is ghost conflection?”

She sighs before answering, frustrated that I don’t immediately understand .

“You know what it is. It’s when something moves without anything touching it. That’s ghost conflection.” Her hands wave in front of her as she explains, emphasising her frustration.

“Did something move?” I quickly realise that this isn’t the best question to ask.

“Yes!” She almost shouted the word. “My bedroom door moved. It was only a little bit open and then it moved a bit more open all by itself.” She used her hands to show how much the door had moved.

“Oh, I know what that is.” I smile at her as I respond hoping to show that it’s nothing to worry about, but she is adamant.

“Yes it’s ghost conflection!”

“No, the window on the landing is open a little bit so the wind could have blown through it and moved your door.”

“The wind can’t move doors!!”

“The wind can be quite strong, definitely strong enough to move a door if it wanted to.” I can already tell that she is not convinced and she is ready to respond.

“No, don’t you know anything!!! The wind definitely can’t move doors. I’ll show you, look!” She steps back through the living room door into the hallway and pulls the door towards her, leaving a big enough gap so I can see her. She stands close to the door and blows on it as hard as she can, the door does not move. Two or three puffs later and she is satisfied that she has proved her point and steps back into the living room. “You see I told you, the wind can not move doors. We have ghost conflection!!” With that she leaves and goes back upstairs to play with her toys.

This was an actual conversation I had with my daughter 5 years ago, she still remembers it today. I hope it’s a good response for the writing 101 challenge, ‘Give and Take’ asking us to write a post based on the contrast between two things – whether people, objects, emotions, places or something else.


7 thoughts on “Writing 101: Don’t you know anything!

  1. I love this story, my sister says things like this and it just makes me stop and think about how awesome her imagination is and how it can effect her realism…how I wish the be little again

    1. Thank you.
      My daughter is 9 now and still has a very vivid imagination which is fantastic. She actually wrote a poem recently about how awful it would be if you didn’t have an imagination. If she can find and if she agrees I’ll post it on here.

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