Writing 101: A Room with a View

If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?

My Journey.

Trees fill my mind as I close my eyes and imagine the place I’d like to be right at this very moment. Tall and terrifying in the darkness but first thing in the morning, as the sun begins to rise casting it’s light, their dark silhouette stands out clearly and they seem much more welcoming. Each branch reaches outwards and upwards and the busy birds within them begin their morning song.

The morning air is fresh and I breathe deeply, allowing the cold air to fill my lungs and wake me. I soon forget about the very recent battle I had had trying to escape the warm blankets of my bed. The trees are not too tightly packed together so a small amount of early daylight escapes giving light to the soft pathway stretching out into the distance. I walk along quietly, glancing carefully as I go hoping to see some of the other animals that live among the trees. It’s a busy place in the mornings filled with birdsong above and rustling below. I watch for deer and soon notice two grazing in a small field surrounded by trees, they are calm, still and beautiful.

I continue to walk on and soon hear the trickling sound of water. Ahead I see a small wooden bridge crossing a stream that runs through the wood. I stand on the bridge for a short while glancing at the crystal clear water below. The trees are not as dense here and the sun has risen higher making the water sparkle below my feet. Eventually I cross the bridge and pass the last few trees before entering the grassy clearing of a park.

The sun is much warmer and brighter once I step out into the open. Beyond the grass is a wide expanse of blue and I walk on eager to get there. I soon hear the familiar cry of the seagull as it swoops and soars ahead. As I walk across the green carpet of grass I decide to remove my shoes and allow my feet to explore the softness without any restriction and the grass feels warm under my feet. I walk on until I step onto the wooden jetty and look out onto the ocean.

The water is as still as a pond and the bright blue sparkle still amazes as much as it did the first day I saw it. Then I notice something move in the water not too far from where I am standing and silently I sit on the floor to watch. A dorsal fin breaks the surface followed by another a few metres from the first. The third time the slight curve of the body can be seen followed by two more. It’s not long before one leaps into the air just above the surface of the water and then the others join in, four or five in total. I sit quietly for a long time just while the wild dolphins play in front of me appreciating the beauty of watching these animals in their natural environment.

I make the most of the peaceful time holding onto the jumbled memories I have of the places I have visited over the years. One day I hope to be able to return for another adventure.


8 thoughts on “Writing 101: A Room with a View

      1. After I read it, I thought that was a nice writing quality to have; the ability to take your readers on a “peaceful and serene journey through your word scenes.” I enjoyed reading it!

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