Seven Lines on Sunday

Seven Lines on Sunday

As the sun decided to shine yesterday and the general feeling of Spring filled the air it seemed like a good day to visit the beach. So with a good friend and five children between us off we went and we all had a brilliant day which included ice-cream and of course some chips by the sea. Here is a short Seven Lined poem sharing a small part of our day.

The Seaside in Spring.

Abandoned on the shoreline are boots with socks inside,

Somewhere a pair of naked feet are splashing in the tide

And the air is filled with seagulls, on the wind they gently glide.

There’s the constant sound of waves as they ride up on the beach,

And the calling of the seagulls with their familiar screech.

There are groups of happy children building castles in the sand,

Without a bucket and spade they are digging them by hand.



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