Snow Stress

The beginning of this week saw the start of a new half term and once again I make myself the promises that we will not be late for school at all during these next few weeks. So far so good but then it’s only been 3 days.
However, last term I was forced to complete another of those ‘late forms’ after a particularly frantic morning all because of a very very light dusting of snow … it’s amazing how even a tiny amount of snow can change your morning. Below is my entry on to the school late form, once again just quickly scribbled onto the form straight out of my head when completing it.

Snow Stress

A sprinkling of the white stuff
Often makes us warm with glee.
Yet it’s often the disruptive chaos,
That we never choose to see.
Children glance through the window,
Squeals and laughter is all they say.
Except for my eldest daughter,
Who wants to stay in bed all day!!
Trying to keep the younger two focused,
As they reluctantly prepare for school,
Is like trying to swim through treacle
As they think their mum’s just cruel!!
After much argument and persuasion
The eldest appears at ten to eight!
So this is the long winded reason
Of why we’re a little bit late!!




4 thoughts on “Snow Stress

  1. Love this poem. I can imagine it happening all in real life. 🙂 Thanks for following my blog today! I’m looking forward to your blogging journey over the next couple months! Welcome back! 🙂

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