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A Century Past

It has been 100 years since the start of World War 1 and in the UK people have been invited to remember the 16 Million people who died for our freedom by asking them to turn off their lights at 10 pm tonight for one hour and light a single candle. I have been talking to my children about the importance of remembering and this morning I was inspired to write this poem.

A Century Past

Husbands, Fathers and plenty of Brothers,
And smiling Sons waved to tearful Mothers.

Their voices, so loudly they did sing,
Proud to do battle for country and King.

A rhythmic echo filled every street,
Of marching men in booted feet.

A nation cheered as they watched them go,
Yet their hearts were heavy and filled with woe.

The terrible trenches filled with rats and disease,
The enemy, the mud and at night they would freeze.

The stories they shared were all filled with terror,
Despite fear and tiredness there was no room for error.

For the families back home, life was tough,
Small portions of food were never enough.

Women worked hard to help the frontline,
And were never heard to whinge or to whine.

Children no longer played in the park,
Or slept with a light if scared of the dark.

A new tactic of which all were afraid,
Were the bombs that were dropped in an air raid.

Despite all the troubles and the millions that died,
Great Britain stood tall and together with pride.

After four years of battle the war came to an end,
But deep scars still remained, never to mend.

It’s a century since World War One begun,
Remember the history to prevent a rerun.

Families were broken and ALL were affected,
And their sacrifice should ALWAYS be respected.

The single flame of a candle and no other light,
That is how I will say thank you tonight!


2 thoughts on “A Century Past

    1. My 5 year old lit our ‘thank you candle’ last night (under supervision of course), my three children wanted to stay up for the occasion as we have been talking about it a lot recently. We all laid in my bed with just the candle in the room and talked about what it must have been like 100 years ago until the three of them fell asleep. I agree it is so important that we remember.

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