Late for School

A few days ago I had one of ‘those’ mornings, a morning when nothing seems to go to plan. I raced around hurrying my children along reminding them that we needed to be quick or they would be late. As we left the house I knew we could still make it on time, depending on the traffic.

After just 5 minutes in the car we were stuck in a traffic jam, caused by unexpected roadworks. Accepting my fate I started to think through the events of the morning and I planned my answer for the ‘reason you are late’ section of the school late form. The poem below popped into my head and I memorised it until my children were safely in their classrooms and then scribbled it onto the school form. It would have been much better to have more time to work on it and produce something a little better but at least it made the school admin team smile.  Oh and yes, this is exactly what happened on that particular morning.


Late for School.

My morning was doomed from the moment I woke,

Whilst getting dressed my bra strap broke.

Three snoring children refuse to get up,

Then argue about breakfast and colour of cup.

Tried getting them dressed, the final straw,

Considered school in pyjamas… is there a law?

While stuck in traffic, I thought of this ditty,

Because moments of stress can also be witty.

Finally we made it, 9am through the gate,

At least we are here… very sorry we’re late!!


4 thoughts on “Late for School

    1. I’m glad you liked it and it made you smile. No doubt I’ll start next term the same way I do every term with the renewed determination that we will never be late again but there are always a couple of days that don’t go to plan unfortunately.

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