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The Fairy Dance

It has been a while since I have posted, life has been a little bit up and down. I’m glad to be back onto my blog and I plan to post more often even if it’s only once a month or hopefully once a week.

The following piece I actually wrote last year after trying to get my then 6 year old daughter up to bed when she would argue that it is still daytime. I think if you are a parent then you’ve definitely been there at some point.


The Fairy Dance

‘It’s time for bed.’
‘But why?’ She said.

Look at the daisies
Their petals closed for the night,
The dandelions too,
Their yellow heads closed up tight.
Even the wishing flower
Seems to curl up and sleep.
Just like the flowers
You should be asleep.

‘But this flower has not gone to bed
So I can stay up!’ She gladly said.

This is magical.
Bright blue with bell shaped flowers,
The beautiful bluebell
Is one of nature’s secret powers.
While children sleep
The bluebells chime a glorious tune,
Fairies dance and sing
Before the rising of the moon.

‘The fairies can’t dance if I’m not in bed!’
As quick as a wink up the stairs she fled.

Tucked under the covers,
Her favourite pyjamas on,
Snuggled up with her ted
She lets out a tired yawn.
Closing her eyes
She keeps as quiet as a mouse,
Listening very hard
But she can’t hear inside the house.

‘I can’t hear it from my bed,
Please open a window.’ She politely said.

And then….
As quiet as a whisper
She heard the bluebells ring,
The start of nature’s choir
The garden birds join in and sing.
Next the gentle humming,
A lullaby from passing bees,
And rustling from the branches
Caused by a gentle, sighing breeze.
With occasional floating blossom,
Blown from a nearby tree,
Upon the soft green grass
The fairies dance gracefully with glee.
To the evening Springtime music,
Made by nature all around,
They twirl and laugh and sing,
Their feet barely touch the ground.

Fast asleep and smiling, tucked up inside her bed,
She dreams of fairies dancing, there was nothing that she said.

As day turns into night
The bluebells petals gently close,
Without the chiming of their bells
Nature’s music fades and slows.
The moon is now high up in the sky
And the ground showered with its light,
All are sleeping peacefully
It’s time to say goodnight.




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