Written by a child

A Gift of Words

At the beginning of this year I made myself a promise that I would write more often and try to make it a daily habit. This can be a challenge when you have three young children to look after and I haven’t managed to write every single day as I had hoped. However, I never imagined the positive impact my writing would have on my children. They love to listen to the stories that I write, although they can be tough critics at times and they have now started to write or draw their own.

In June / July of this year my six year old spent her evenings frantically scribbling on sheets of paper. Her large writing with few spaces between the words was a present she was planning to give to her teacher at the end of the school year. My daughter didn’t tell anyone her plans until three days before the end of term when she decided she wanted her story typed up and made into a book and so we glued her words and pictures into an unused scrapbook. It’s wonderful to see a young child become excited about giving a gift of words.

I took photo’s of the pictures she drew for the story and in true ‘proud parent’ fashion I’ve shared it below. I hope you enjoy Miss Brown’s Magic Broom.


Miss Brown’s Magic Broom

Miss Brown leapt out of bed. The summer holidays were here at last and she was so excited. She loved school and missed all the children in her class but she always looked forward to having some adventures during the school holidays.

Miss Brown in her dressing gown no words

Miss Brown put on her dressing gown. It was a lovely shade of pink and covered in beautiful yellow flowers. She looked down at her little dog who was still sleeping.

“Come on Sparkle,” she said “fancy an adventure before breakfast?”

Sparkle’s eyes were suddenly wide open. He was a little brown dog who didn’t look very sparkly until he opened his eyes and the word ‘adventure’ was mentioned, then his eyes sparkled like the brightest stars in the sky. He grabbed his bone and followed Miss Brown downstairs.

Once downstairs Miss Brown opened the hall cupboard and took out a large broom and carried it out into the garden. This was not a normal broom although it looked like one, this broom had magical powers.

“The best way to travel,” she said quietly to herself and on she hopped. Jumping up into the air she went higher and higher and higher.

flying in the clouds no words

She zoomed up into the clouds and flew above them. The wind was nice and it made her feel wide awake. She looked over her shoulder and saw that Sparkle was following close behind with his magic bone, his floppy ears flapped against his head.

sparkle and the magic bone no words

Feeling very wide awake Miss Brown headed back down towards the ground and was excited to see that there was actually water below. It was the sea and she could see something splashing. She had to be very careful not to get her broom wet but she decided to take a closer look. It was a dolphin playing happily in the water. It saw Miss Brown and called out to her, he wanted to have a race.

playful dolphin no words

“This should be fun” says Miss Brown as she leaned forward on the broom to make it go faster. Miss Brown was just a little bit faster than the dolphin…

Then the dolphin does something very naughty. He jumps out of the water and back in again making a big SPLASH! with his tail so that lots of water was thrown all over Miss Brown. Oh dear, Miss Brown can’t get wet because the magic won’t work if she gets wet. She starts to fall towards the water. She bounces off the surface with a SPLISH! Bounces again with a SPLOSH and finally lands in the water with a SPLASH!!

 splish splosh splash no words

Sparkle nearly dropped his magic bone because he laughed so much. The dolphin was also chuckling loudly. Miss Brown was not laughing. She was floating in the water, her pink dressing gown with the lovely yellow flowers was wet and so was her magic broomstick.

“You are one very cheeky dolphin,” she said. “It’s wrong to cheat.”

The dolphin felt bad and so he swam over to Miss Brown and nudged her with his nose to say sorry.

Miss Brown smiled “Perhaps it is a little bit funny” she said, “Now will you help me to some dry land?”

Miss Brown held onto the Dolphin’s fin with one hand and held her broom in the other and the dolphin swam quickly through the water towards to the beach. Sparkle flew above them still giggling.

 helpful dolphin no words

Once at the beach Miss Brown thanked the dolphin and then hung her dressing gown onto a tree branch to dry. She put her broomstick up against the tree and then lay down on the sand in her pyjamas enjoying the warm sun.

It wasn’t long before Miss Brown was all dry and was able to fly home again. She was very hungry now and looking forward to her breakfast. She put her dressing gown back on, climbed onto her broom and zoomed off into the clouds, staying well away from the water. What a fun adventure and just think she still had six weeks left for plenty more, but next time she’ll eat her breakfast first!!!


2 thoughts on “A Gift of Words

  1. What a wonderful, illustrated story, Nicki. You must be so proud. And I am sure Miss Brown will be thrilled if she’s receiving this lovely gift of words. Thank you so much for sharing your daughter’s lovely book.

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