Remembering Summer

Schloss Park tree and stones


A photo,

A captured memory

Of a happy time.

A memory that from my mind was slowly



Eyes closed,

I’m transported back in time.

The image slowly becomes clearer

And I’m back, sat upon the rock, silently



The rustling tree

Caused by a gentle breeze.

As birds sing a joyful tune

And the babbling waters of a nearby stream are gently



flowing waters Schloss


My mind,

Fills with the images from beyond the photos boundaries.

A summer of fun with friends,

Playing games of pooh sticks and in my mind once again I’m gladly



Our children,

Together are swinging, climbing, running.

They are pirates on an abandoned ship

Splashing in shallow water. Having lots of fun, they are happily



Pirate Ship Schloss


Watching and smiling

As the imagination of a child brings much joy

Their mother is caught up in the moment

Sat on a large stone, pen and paper in her hand, occasionally she is busily



6 thoughts on “Remembering Summer

    1. Thank you Helen, I’m so glad you liked it. I definitely plan to keep on writing, it is not only good for me but I’ve noticed how it’s having such a wonderfully positive impact on my children as well.

  1. This is an amazing story, I read this to my boys who also thought it was funny that mrs brown got wet, this child’s imagination is fantastic and I hope to see more stories please

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