Housework – sorry for swearing. There is no escaping it.

Today I plan to tackle the housework but I couldn’t resist a little procrastination, so I wrote a poem.

Horrible Housework

My motivation has disappeared
It’s much worse than ever I feared.
My house, well it’s just gone BOOM!!
It’s filled with mess in every room.
The kids, they try but get distracted,
Play is where they’re more attracted.
Of procrastination I am a champ
But it means I’m living like a tramp.
I must find focus for what NEEDS to be done,
Stop doing things which are much more fun.
The muse has to give way to housework
My household duties I mustn’t shirk.
So for now I must put my pen away
And focus on the tasks for today.
That’s not as easy as it may seem,
Feels like I’ve woken from a horrible dream.
The housework fairies have let me down,
They probably thought they were going to drown
In the piles of clutter that fill each room,
It’s far too much for their tiny broom.
And right now it’s time for me to zoom,
Once done, my writing I can resume.


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