Write Your Own Story

Family rules


Recently as a family we sat down and created our own family rules. We didn’t want a list of negatives so before we started we decided that the word ‘no’ was banned from the list. My eight year old daughter took on the task of writing these rules onto a piece of card and we plan to create a more permanent layout for them onto canvas eventually.

Shortly after she had finished I realised that we had left out probably one of the most important rules I want my children to learn…

 Write Your Own Story

 I love this rule, I first discovered it whilst looking at images of other family rules online and decided that this is one I want to teach my children. For us at the moment it has two meanings.

The Deeper Meaning.

I want my children to learn that they are in control of their own life decisions. Be proud of who they are and not to be manipulated or intimated by other people. Ultimately I want my children to be happy and confident but in life you are the protagonist of your own adventure and so only you can write your own story.

Young Artists

I love to write, and I’m pleased to say that my children seem to be catching the writing bug as well. It is lovely to see their imaginations making contact with the page through the use of words or pictures. My children are still quite young aged just eight, six and four and so the rule ‘write your own story’ to them would mean creating their own characters and plots. Occasionally Scooby Doo or The Three Bears have appeared in their stories but generally speaking when writing/drawing there is always a new story to be told created by their own imaginations.

As young story tellers they are already learning to think outside the box and are eager to share their ideas and creativity. I’m hoping that as they grow up they understand how significant this rule is to their own lives and not just to the characters they create. In the meantime they will have lots of fun just creating their own fictional stories.


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